1917 Chief Constable Malcolm MacLennan

Announcement Date: March 20, 1917

On March 20 1917 three officers answered a call from a landlord whose angry tenant was threatening his life after he had gone to collect rent money. When the police arrived, they were greeted with gun fire shot through the door window. Two officers were hit in the eye with shattered glass and so they called for backup. Chief MacLennan was there to supervise the stand off. When it was clear that the suspect was not surrendering after many attempts at trying to convince him, Chief MacLennan decided to storm the apartment. Tragically, he was shot in the head as he entered and died instantly. In 2007 the band adopted a new plaid brooch to their full dress uniform to honour our fallen Chief on the 90th anniversary of his death. The brooch features the British style helmet plate cap badge worn at the time the band was formed.