2011 Retirement of Andy Perrie

2011 Retirement of Andy Perrie

A special retirement party was held high above the city at Harbour Centre for retired pipe major Andy Perrie.

After finishing school in 1947, Andy worked at a number of jobs until 1951, when he joined the Vancouver Police Department and the Pipe Band. As a former pupil of Malcolm Nicholson, he worked his way through the ranks of the band becoming Pipe Sgt. in 1962, and Pipe Staff Sgt. in 1967. Andy became Pipe Major in the latter part of 1967 and served as such until his retirement from the force in 1984.

Andy has not only been the longest serving member of the band at 60 years, but was also the longest serving Pipe Major, 17 years, one year longer than Malcolm Nicholson.

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