DRUM MAJOR: David Caven



Cst. Cal Davis: Pipe Major
Sandy Marshall: Pipe Staff Sergeant
Insp. Bob Murphie: (Ret.) Pipe Sergeant
Matt Reid: Pipe Corporal
Dave Anderson
Lorne Anderson
Trevor Caldwell
Noel Chalmers
Pat Fanning
Cst. Tim Fanning (Ret.)
Kate Ferguson
Dave Glover
Michael MacNeil
Owen Reid
Wayne Rogers
Jeff Sim
Carter Smith


Cst. David Caven: Drum Major
Scott Vallance: Drum Staff Sergeant
Colin Nicol: Drum Sergeant
John Briggs
Doug Holloway
Cst. Mark McEvoy (Ret.)
Brian Powell
Micaela Anderson
Cst. Gord Stokes
Cst. Suki Sunger
Cst. Dan Sutherland (Ret.)
Julie Winstanley
Glen Richards


The following is a comprehensive list of known past members of the Vancouver Police Pipe Band since its inception, their Rank achieved within the Department, and their Rank achieved within the Band. The list is far from complete and any omissions or errors will be willingly corrected as information is provided.


Deputy Chief Constable Warren Lemke, M.O.M. (Ret.)
Chief Constable Jim Chu, O.O.M. (Ret.)
Sarah McLachlan, O.C., O.B.C.
Captain Stuart D. Samson, MBE (Ret.)
Douglas M. Hume
Peter M. Brown, O.B.C., LL.D., Litt D.
Rick Honey
Sam Hirji
Staff Sgt. Erik Borglund (Ret.)
Peter W. Webster
Superintendent Vern Campbell (Ret.)
Jack Lee
Patrick Claridge
Chief Constable Bob Stewart (Ret.)
Gary Bannerman
Joseph Cohen
Hector Turnbull
Alderman Halford Wilson
MEMBERS 2010 - 2019
Wayne Rogers: Piper
Carter Smith: Piper
Matt Reid: Pipe Cpl.
Michael Beech: Piper
Colin Nicol: Drum S/Sgt
Katie Frye: Piper
Insp. Jeff Danroth: Manager
Carol Fraser: Drummer
Rob Hamilton: Piper
Scott MacNeil: Piper
Jeff Sim: Piper
Kate Ferguson: Piper
Owen Reid: Piper
Micaela Anderson: Drummer
Cst. Suki Sunger: Drummer
Alan McKay: Piper
Cst. Gord Stokes: Drummer
MEMBERS 2000 - 2009
George Martin: Piper
Inspector Kevin McQuiggan: Piper
Cst. Dan Sutherland: Drummer
Ron Stepharnoff: Drummer
Martin Duncan: Piper
Ian Perry: Piper
Mike MacDonald: Piper
Cst. Don Johnson: Drummer
Kyle Maloney: Piper
Cst. Jeff Campbell: Standard Bearer
Cst. Brian Baird: Standard Bearer
Michael McKnight: Piper
Trevor Caldwell: Piper
Michael MacNeil: Piper
Sandy Marshal: Pipe Staff Sgt
Brian Powell: Drummer
Cst. Graham Edmunds: Standard Bearer
Bryonie Mahe: Piper
Tasia Pona: Piper
Bill Sneddon: Piper
Julie Winstanley: Drummer
MEMBERS 1990 - 1999
Hugh Peden: Pipe SStaff S/Sgt.
Sgt. Randy Kellins (Ret.): Drummer
Cpl. Garth Patterson (RCMP): Drummer
Pat Fanning: Piper
Chris Moe: Piper
Jim Leonard: Piper
Hugh Aird: Piper
George Taylor: Piper
Scott Vallance (RCMP): Drum Staff S/Sgt.
Sgt. Steve Fudge: Drummer
Bob Black: Drummer
Charles Stratford: Piper
Brad McIntosh: Piper
Cst. Dave Anderson: Standard Bearer
John Briggs: Drummer
Ken Inkster: Piper
Noel Chalmers: Piper
Mike Miller: Piper
Jim McWilliams: Piper
Ed Wagstaff: Drum S/Sgt
Cst. Cal Davis: Pipe Major
Cst. John Llambias (RCMP): Piper
Cameron Dodson: Drummer
Bruce Raune: Drummer
Rob Campbell: Piper
Cst. Keith Logan: (NWPD)Pipe Cpl.
MEMBERS 1980 - 1989
Cst. Tim Fanning: Pipe Cpl.
Sgt. Peter Groenland: Standard Bearer
Cst. Drew Heggie: Piper
Sgt. Rob Smith (RCMP): Drummer
Sgt. Colin Able (RCMP): Piper
Al MacLeod: Drummer
Ian Pitcairn: Drummer
Don “Doc” Smith: Piper
Duncan Watson: Piper
Maurice Girard: Drummer
Cst. Mark McEvoy: Drummer
Cst. Denis Morin (Ret.): Drummer
Bob Hyslop: Drummer
Murray Munro: Drummer
Duncan MacDonald: Piper
Cst. Doug MacLean: Standard Bearer
Dave Anderson (Richmond Fire Dept.): Piper
Dave Glover: Piper
Cst. Colin Grinstead (RCMP): Piper
Terry Leonard: Piper
Ian MacIntosh: Piper
Colin Moore: Drum S/Sgt.
James Tait: Drummer
Cst. Dave Thomson (Abbotsford): Piper
MEMBERS 1970 - 1979
Cst. Barry Barnes: Drummer
Bill Falcus: Piper
Insp. Bob Murphie: Pipe Sgt
Stuart Johnston: Piper
John Grey: Bass Drummer
S.Sgt.. Ed Kemp: Piper
Tom McIntosh: Piper
Jack Emdall: Piper
Sgt. Ron Joyce: Drummer
Cst. Ian Grant: Drummer
Don Smith: Piper
Cpl. Oliver Thomson: Pipe Cpl.
Hector Turnbull: Piper
James Penner: Piper
Cst. Wayne Penner: Piper
Ian Hunter: Drummer
Edward Jackson: Piper
Roy Indseth: Drummer
Det. Gord Nebisuk: Drummer
Sgt. Tony Needham: Drummer
Cst. Grant Laporte: Standard Bearer
Cst. Jimmy Russell: Standard Bearer
Sgt. Bruce Eburne: Drum Major
Sgt. Moe Coll: Drummer
Cst. Jim Dipalo: Drummer
Sgt. Dave Zimich: Piper
Sgt. Brian McNulty: Drummer
Det. Glen Richards: Standard Bearer
Sgt. Pete Ferguson: Tenor Drummer
Rob McKeddie: Piper
Ron Palm: Standard Bearer
Bob McDonald: Piper
Det. Len Reid: Drum S/Sgt.
MEMBERS 1960 - 1969
Roy Booth: Drummer
George Burton: SStandard Bearer
Gerry Holbrook: Drummer
Cst. Duncan MacInnes: Pipe S/Sgt.
Insp. Ian Sinclair: Pipe Major
Cst. Don MacInnes: Pipe Major
Sgt. J.H.C. (Ian) Millman: Pipe Major
Ian Munro (Vancouver Fire Dept. – Ret.): Piper
John Grey: Bassss Drummer
Det. Bob Young: Piper
Fred Franklin: Drummer
Bob Gentile: Drummer
Colin Ball
Brian Beck: Piper
Barry Petrie: Bass Drummer
Leone Burke: Standard Bearer
Cst. Mike Blythe: Drum S/Sgt.
Det. Robert Sutton: Drummer
MEMBERS 1950 - 1959
Donald MacKenzie: Piper
Cst. Andrew Perrie: Pipe Major
Cst. Don Bellamy: Drum Major
Cst. Garnet Snow: Piper
Cst. William MacArthur: Drum Major
Cst. Ian McDougall: Piper, Drum Major
Cst. Stewart Robertson: Drum Major
Cst. Tom Markham
Cst. Ken Stewart
Cst. W. MacRae
Tom Brown: Bass Drummer
Cst. Victor Lake: Drum S/Sgt.
Jim Denby: Piper
Cst. Roy Findlay: Drum S/Sgt.
Cst. Fred Hall: Drum Major
MEMBERS 1940 - 1949
Cst.James Sharpe: Piper
Cst.Gordon Sinclair: Pipe S/Sgt.
Insp.Lawrence Meade: Piper
Cst.Alex Waterton: Pipe S/Sgt.
Cst.Thomas Banister: Piper
Insp.Bill Baird: Pipe Major
Cst.Gilbert Renwick, D.C.M.: Piper
Cst.Bill MacArthur: Drummer
Cst.Bert Dawkins: Drummer
Cst.Les Harbord-Harbord: Drummer
Cst.Jack Baillie: Drum S/Sgt
Cst.Fred Menzies: Drummer
Cst.George Palmer: Drum S/Sgt
MEMBERS 1930 - 1939
Det.Allan Hoare: Drummer
Cst.John Stevenson: Drum Major
Cst.Jack MacKinnon: Drum S/Sgt.
Sgt.James Hudson: Piper
Det.William D. Smith: Piper
Cst.Colin McDonald: Piper
Cst.Albert Wyllie: Piper
Det.John McHardy: Pipe S/Sgt.
Det.Edward Pettit: Drummer
Cst.John Knox: Piper
Sgt.Donald McDonald: Pipe Major
Cst.Albert Whyte: Piper
Insp.John Robertson: Piper
Cst.John Gillies: Drummer
Cst.Jim Mundie: Drummer
Cst.Charles Creighton: Drummer
Cst.Charles McDonald: Drum Major
MEMBERS 1920 - 1929
Cst. Duncan Ferguson: Drum Major
Sgt.Malcolm Nicholson, CM: Pipe Major
MEMBERS 1914 - 1919
Sgt.John Campbell: Piper
Cst.Andrew Campbell: Drummer
George Gairns: Piper
Cst. Alfred Gibb: Piper
Donald MacIver: Initial Instructor
Cst. Roderick MacLeod: Piper
Cst. Duncan McTavish: Pipe Major
Insp. Roderick Munro: Pipe Major
John Paul: Piper
Cst. Joseph Shields: Pipe Major
Cst. Henry Murdoch: Piper
Deputy Chief Andrew Campbell: Lead Drummer
Cst. Alexander Johnson: Pipe Major
Supt. William Grant: Piper